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Cell Line Testing News

  • LabCorp's cell line authentication testing division offers a human cell line authentication test that includes a mouse marker for the detection of mouse DNA.  This test is especially helpful for researchers who are using human/mouse xenograft models and/or researchers who utilize both human and mouse cell lines for their experiments.  In addition, we will have a mouse cell line authentication test via STR profiling; includes two human markers for the detection of both human and/or African Green monkey cells/DNA.


  • LabCorp offers an economically priced "Data Only" cell line authentication STR DNA profiling option.  INCLUDES:  Spreadsheet of the STR allele calls and the peak data (electropherogram).  Great option for labs that submit large batches of samples for quality control checks; the spreadsheet can be modified for import into your own database/computer system.  Also a good option for individual researchers that find the more economical pricing a good fit for their own quality control budget.

  • LabCorp offers free online access to results via our "Identilink" results portal. 

​​The Results Portal offers:

  1. Access to your sample status/progress through our lab
  2. Access to scanned images of your submission form, results report and data (electropherogram and/or spreadsheet) as downloadable files
  3. Access to all previously submitted cases (cases are archived and accessible 24/7)
  4. Access on-demand - 24/7