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Cell Line Authentication & Research Services 

Online Reference Databases - Cell Line STR Profiles 

The following databases are useful and FREE resources that are available to compare your LabCorp STR DNA profile results to known reference cell line STR DNA profiles provided by cell line repositories and other researchers.  

Please be aware that each online cell line reference database uses their own calculations to determine the percentage "match"; please ask your LabCorp representative for more information on the calculations LabCorp uses for comparing human cell lines to the known reference STR DNA profiles.

Cellosaurus Sample Database - Free Searchable Database for All Cell Lines

Cellosaurus STR Database - Free Searchable STR Database for Human and Mouse Cell Lines

ATCC STR Cell Line Reference Database   (log in required)

DSMZ STR Cell Line Reference Database   (log in required)

BioSample (NCBI) Database


Online Results - IdentiLink Portal

For access to your online cell line authentication test results and data, please click the "IdentiLink Results Portal" button below and enter your user name and password in the new webpage that opens.  If you encounter any problems, please review the common troubleshooting options below or "Contact Us" for more help.


If you are having trouble logging into the results portal – see if your problem is addressed below as this may be the quickest resolution for you. If not, please call LabCorp's Cell Line testing division at 1-800-433-6848, Option #4 (or 513-985-9777 international) or use the “Contact Us” tab.

1. My log-in username and/or password does NOT seem to be working, what should I do?The password is case sensitive, check to make sure the CAPS lock is not on and try again. Also, the original password supplied by LabCorp was TEMPORARY, you would have been prompted to change the password at the first log in - use the new password for continued access. If this does not work, LabCorp can re-set your password (the system will lock you out if you input three incorrect passwords) – contact us (or 1-800-433-6848, Option #4).

2. I am able to log in, but I don’t see my recent sample submission files, what should I do? Identilink will archive your cases 10 days following sign out, to find a specific case number, click "Case Search" on the tabs on the left, then choose "LabCorp Case Number" - enter your 9 digit case number (no dashes), and then hit "search". If you don't know your case number or it still doesn't work, please contact Genetica at 1-800-433-6848, Option #4 (or 513-985-9777 INTL) or use the "Contact Us" tab to help solve this issue.

3. I would like to change my password, what should I do?
You have the option to change your password at any time once you log into the portal.  If you have lost your password, please contact us and we will reset it for you.