List of Research Services

Human G-Banded Karyotyping

Genetica has partnered with Integrated Genetics, a Labcorp Specialty Testing Group, to offer cost-efficient, full service g-banded karyotyping for human research specimens; includes publication ready image.

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA)

Genetica offers whole genome amplification services for research projects that require high quality and high quantity genomic DNA.

Custom Projects

Genetica has experience customizing other DNA or molecular biology projects that may be useful to your research.

Mycoplasma Contamination Detection Service

​Genetica offers a reliable, quick and economically priced PCR test for routine mycoplasma detection.

Cell Line Authentication - STR Profiling 

​Genetica offers reliable, fast and affordable authentication of human cancer cell lines, primary cell lines, stem cell lines and xenografts. The test now includes a mouse marker for detection of mouse DNA.

1-800-IDENTITY®  (433-6848)      1-513-985-9777 International

Cell Line Authentication & Research Services 

DNA Extraction

Genetica offers DNA extraction services for low or high volume sample submissions - acceptable samples types include blood, tissue, cells, blood stain cards and more.

Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Testing

Genetica offers MSI testing to researchers for determination of the MSI status between a human tumor sample and a control sample from the same individual (human tissues and/or extracted DNA from human tissue) and/or human cell lines.

Biospecimen Quality Control - STR Profiling 

​Many biospecimen repositories or tissue core facilities collect de-identified specimens for use in research projects. Genetica provides reliable DNA identification of specimens for tracking and quality control purposes.