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Our laboratory offers small and large scale whole genome amplification (WGA) for research projects that require 

high quality and high quantity genomic DNA

Many researchers often face the problem of limited or insufficient amounts of DNA for use in research projects or downstream applications such as qPCR, next-gen or Sanger sequencing, PCR based mutation detection, SNP profiling, among other genomic studies.  Our laboratory is skilled in providing high quality whole genome amplification products for projects in need of high quality and high quantity genomic DNA.  We accept any number of samples for large or small research projects.

Workflow Offered (customized to order):

  • DNA extraction (see sample types below)
  • Quantitation 
  • Whole genome amplification (see test description below)
  • Cleanup of amplified product
  • Quantitation of amplified product
  • Normalization to client's request
  • Aliquot sample according to client's requirements 

Sample Types Accepted:

  • Blood (liquid, dried blood stain cards)
  • Buccal swabs
  • Cells
  • Genomic DNA (no extraction charge) - Minimum volume:  2.5ul; Minimum quantity:  10ng
  • Please note:  We only accept samples isolated from humans for whole genome amplification

Turnaround time:  3-4 business days (for up to 96 samples); inquire for higher submission volume

Pricing:  Inquire for pricing

What is whole genome amplification (WGA)?

​The first paper describing whole genome amplification (WGA) was published in 1992 by Zhang et al(1) - WGA is a method for amplifying large fractions of the DNA sequences present in a single haploid cell.  The possible uses at the time included sperm or oocyte typing, genetic disease diagnosis, forensics, and the analysis of DNA samples with limited quality and/or quantity.  Today there are various WGA methods to choose from which vary in their amplification accuracy, our lab utilizes the isothermal strand displacement amplification (Phi29 DNA polymerase) method (see below).

(1)  Zhang, L, Cui, X, et al.  Whole genome amplification from a single cell:  implications for genetic analysis.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.  1992 Jul 1; 89(13):  5847-51.

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) Test Description

​Our laboratory utilizes the GE Healthcare Life Sciences illustra™ GenomiPhi™ HY DNA Amplification Kit for whole genome amplification (illustra and GenomiPhi are trademarks of General Electric Company).  According to the manufacturer, this kit offers highly efficient and representative WGA with 40-50ug yields from nanogram amounts of DNA and utilizes the Phi29 DNA polymerase family of products from GE Healthcare.  


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