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Cell Line Authentication
Authentication of Human Cell Lines
Cell Line Authentication
STR DNA Typing_Hela Cell Culture:

Genetica DNA Laboratories provides reliable, fast and affordable authentication of human cancer cell lines, stem cell lines and xenografts utilizing STR DNA technology; current clients include major research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies within the United States and throughout the world.

Our laboratory utilizes STR DNA typing to assist the scientific community in verification of cell lines (primary cell and/or immortalized cancer cell line), as well as, stem cells used in research and drug development. Genetica's laboratory procedures comply with the guidelines set forth by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) SDO Workgroup ASN-0002 Standards document, as well as with the requirements of other leading scientific organizations.

Inadvertent cell line contamination has been a major problem for biomedical researchers; cell line integrity is of utmost importance since the validity of the data obtained often depends on the identity of the cell line or stem cells used. Funding bodies and many journals, such as those published by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), require proof of cell line authentication prior to publication.

STR profiling (DNA fingerprinting) analysis offers the greatest value for cell line validation.

Authentication of Human Cell Lines by STR DNA technology provides/is:

ü Highly Informative and Unambiguous

Genetica DNA Laboratories provides reliable, fast and affordable authentication of human cancer cell lines, stem cell lines and xenografts to research facilities within the United States and throughout the world.

Multiplex STR technology provides high resolution typing. Genetica DNA Laboratories is currently using the following STR multiplex kits:

PowerPlex® 16 HS (Promega Corporation) - 16 independent genetic sites specific for human DNA that include the 13 CODIS loci, plus  PENTA E, PENTA D and amelogenin

Additional loci can be tested with other multiplex kits from Promega. 

ü Rapid

Turnaround time of only two business days.

ü Inexpensive

Prices as low as $70 per sample. Ask about discount pricing.

ü Highly Sensitive

Detects as low as 300 picograms of genomic DNA (about 50 diploid cells)

ü Generates reproducible data in a format suitable to reference database comparison

Receive a Human Cell Line Authentication report with STR DNA profile of your cell line along with its graphic profile,


comparative analysis authentication report, which provides a percentage  identity and percentage match calculation between the submitted cell line sample and a specified reference cell line.

Results You Can Trust
Genetica DNA Laboratories - a LabCorp Specialty Testing Group is one of the most experienced providers of DNA identity testing services worldwide. We have been providing DNA testing services in the areas of human DNA identity and DNA family relationship testing for over 20 years. As a leading DNA testing laboratory, Genetica DNA Laboratories is committed to providing our clients with high quality cell line authentication results delivered with unmatched service and satisfaction, product specialization, and technical expertise. Our services meet and exceed the applicable requirements of our independent accrediting agencies. What that means to you is that you have definitve, irrefutable answers for all of your cell line authentication needs.

Custom Projects
Please contact Genetica DNA Laboratories to discuss customizing other DNA or molecular biology projects that may be useful to your research.

Genetic Site

16 Genetic Sites
PowerPlex® 16HS

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Penta D


Penta E


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