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The DNA laboratory has international accreditations and certifications to support DNA testing services at the highest level 

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Microsatellite Instability Testing (MSI)

For human cell lines and normal/tumor matched pairs

We are passionate about being able to provide the best research services possible.


The lab directors and DNA technicians at Genetica Cell Line Testing, a LabCorp brand, are experienced in providing the best possible cell line authentication and other research services to all of our clients including those around the world.

Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, cancer centers, research hospitals and more.  Our services also include MSI testing, PCR mycoplasma contamination detection and others. Contact us today to find out more!



About Us

Mouse DNA Identification

Genetica tests a mouse marker with all human cell line authentication sample submissions

Karyotyping Service

Genetica offers g-banded human karyotyping services for stem cell lines and more

Genetica is dedicated to providing professional and technical consultations to help you choose the services that fit within your research budget

Our pricing is very competitive and our turnaround time is fast and convenient with STR profiling results available online typically within 2 business days

Why Genetica?

Human Cell Line Authentication - STR Profiling

Results available online in 1-2 business days

​*Includes MOUSE marker

Mycoplasma Contamination Detection via PCR

Quick and reliable

​Any species accepted